The cost of this service depends on the portrait. We charge by the number of subjects in the portrait.

Call For Quote


One child would be considered one subject.

Two children would be considered two subjects.


Standard 8x10 Portrait drawn on either Heavyweight card stock, Bristol smooth or Vellum.


Price:      Call for Pricing

Order #:   SS8B10

Type:       Graphite & Charcoal

Additional Subjects

All portraits prices reflect a single subject. To add more subjects, see the chart below.

Price is per one additional subject:        

8x10 Order #:AS8B10
9x12  Order #:AS9B12

Order #:AS1114

14x17  Order #:AS1417



Beautiful 9x12 can be matted out to a 10x13 or an 11x14. The paper is either 300 series Strathmore, Bristol Smooth or Vellum.


Order #:   SS9B12

Type:       Graphite & Charcoal  

Color Accents

One or two Small features are colorized to give a unique characteristic to the portrait.


Order #:   PPCA20

Type:       Professional Color Pencil 



This is the more popular size for Portraits of People. Portraits are drawn on Heavyweight Acid-Free Bristol Smooth Paper.


Order #:   SS1114

Type:       Graphite & Charcoal 


Backgrounds, Motorcycles, Full Color, Full Body Portraits are considered an add-on. These take more time due to the detail level. Price may vary according to size.

Price:       Please contact for quote

Order #:   PPAO30


Great size for big rooms, this portrait is 100% cotton, acid-free, and archival Bristol Smooth.

Order #:   SS1417

Type:       Graphite & Charcoal


USPS is the method used to ship Portraits. Prices Include Insurance


Photographs may be sent via email or mail. Multiple photos can be combined to make a single portrait. The portrait takes 1-2 weeks to complete. I will email you a copy of the portrait for your approval. Once the portrait is approved it is sealed with a smear and smudge proof fixative that will not yellow with age. All the paper we use is ph-balanced to make it acid-free.

*We require a non-refundable deposit on all portraits. Motorcycles, full body and backgrounds are extra.

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*All portraits prices are for head and shoulders only, full body, full color and backgrounds are extra.*

Shipping prices are for US only

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